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Martyn Reed, Editor-in-Chief
Eloquent Vandals (PDF)

Original articles

Alison Young
Art and Belonging: On Place, Displacement and Placelessness (PDF)

Reuben Woods
Secondary Vandals: The Performances of Uncommmisioned Urban Art in Post-Earthquake Christchurch (PDF)

Lindsey Mancini
Street Art’s Conceptual Emergence (PDF)

Enrico Bonadio
Does Preserving Street Art Destroy its ‘Authenticity’? (PDF)


Jeff Ferrell
Sometimes the City (PDF)

Oskolki (Осколки)
Black Bombing (PDF)

Jens Besser
PADiGLiONE iN MOViMENTO: A Vandals’ Pavilion during the 2017 Venice Biennale (PDF)

Georgios Stampoulidis
Urban Creativity in Abandoned Places Xenia Hotels Project, Greece (PDF)

Daniël de Jongh
5 Days of Work for 1 Night of Glamour (PDF)

Jaime Rojo
Words Matter (PDF)

Art Underground (PDF)


Christian Omodeo
Vandal Curator? (PDF)

Vittorio Parisi
Book Review: Urban Art: Creating the Urban with Art (PDF)

Faith XLVI
Ex Animo: A Chapter in Time (PDF)

Milu Correch
Decolonising Artivism (PDF)