Issue IV: Freedom

Deadline January 12, 2020

Following the successful international launch of Issues I, II and III of Nuart Journal, we are now calling for submissions for Issue IV.

The theme for our next issue is Freedom. In Europe and internationally, we are witnessing a historical moment where our collective rights are under threat. We are calling for submissions dealing with ideas related to freedom, democracy, and our rights to public space – freedom of artistic expression, freedom of movement, freedom from harassment, violence, and arrest.

Street art is a radically democratic art form with the capacity to stimulate conversations about freedom and democracy – and to bring together artists, academics and photographers working creatively with these themes. Street art is arguably the world’s most democratic art form and a barometer of communities’ hopes and dreams. Artists working in public space tend to respond immediately to political issues, and the art on our cities’ streets powerfully reflects both our communities’ anxieties about, and aspirations for, our collective future.

We welcome traditional academic papers and more experimental visual submissions which critically address the theme of Freedom.

Nuart Journal is a peer-reviewed journal. We accept submissions from a broad range of authors including cultural heritage workers, historians, critics, cultural and human geographers, political theorists, anthropologists, ethnographers, sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, curators, artists, writers, taggers, anarchists, and out and out vandals.

Highly recommended – the most exciting mix of political, visual, and intellectual energy I’ve seen in a long time!

Professor Jeff Ferrell, Texas Christian University

Submission Guidelines

Full papers should be around 5000 words, inclusive of citations and bibliography.

Shorter submissions, including research notes, photo essays, and other visual submissions, book reviews, interviews, and opinion pieces are also welcome. Please see prior issues of Nuart Journal for examples of visual and experimental submissions, and do contact the editorial team if you wish to discuss an alternative mode of submission.

Papers should follow Harvard referencing guidelines.

All Nuart Journal content is open access online in perpetuity, but we also have a very limited print run — available at selected international stockists and now available through direct subscription. 

Subscription: $29.99pa + p&p. for an annual subscription — 2 issues (p&p $10)

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