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Martyn Reed, Editor-in-Chief
Space is the place

Original articles

Christel Pedersen
Subversive weeds: Bio-activist strategies in urban interventions

Enrico Bonadio
Street art, graffiti and the moral right of integrity: Can artists oppose the destruction and removal of their works?

Ulrich Blanché
Street art and photography: Documentation, representation, interpretation

Susan Hansen
Heritage protection for street art? The case of Banksy’s Spybooth


Lachlan MacDowall
From Peterhof Station to Crescenzago: Agit-Trains and Grifter’s Code

Raphael Soifer
Blunting broken windows: Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic dreams

Jonna Tolonen
Unexpected beauty in urban decay

Oleg Kuznetsov
Kurskaya wall, Moscow


Jan Zahl
Aesthetic destruction: At home with Ian Strange

Alison Young
Art as interruption, and as intervention

Adrian Burnham
Sticking it to the man: The visual activism of Dr. D.

Pietro Rivasi and Andrea Baldini
Turning the white cube inside out: UN(AUTHORIZED)//COMMISSIONED

Thejas Jagganath
The future of art is urban: Nicolas Whybrow on Art and the City