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Martyn Reed, Editor-in-Chief & Susan Hansen, Editor
Unsanctioned Art in Times of Pandemic Anxiety, Rampant Inequality, and Anti-Colonial Iconoclasm PDF

Original articles

Heather Shirey & David Todd Lawrence
Creating a Global Archive of Covid-19 Street Art: Notes on Research in Progress PDF

Ulrich Blanché
(Involuntarily) Shared Walls: Haring’s Illegal Street Interactions with Basquiat, Hambleton, Wojnarowicz, and Vallauri in Early ’80s NYC PDF

Enrico Bonadio & Olivia Jean-Baptiste
Banksy’s Battle with Trade Mark Law: the ‘Flower Thrower’ Case PDF

María Fernanda López Jaramillo
‘Chapeteo’: Urban Calligraphy in Guayaquil Some Would Rather Forget PDF

Laura Burocco
The Forest on the Walls: Notes on Indigenous Street Art PDF


John Fekner
Revisiting The Detective Show PDF

Julia Tulke
#StayAtHome Protest: DIY Banners in Berlin PDF

Aida Wilde & Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski
Notes from a Phantom PDF

Kristina Borhes
A Brief Moment of Monument: Iconoclasm in the Age of the Anthropocene PDF

Kehinde Christopher Adewumi & Joy Iorvihi
The Boxed In Project in Abuja PDF

Jan Vormann
Home Mural in Valdivia PDF


Minna Valjakka
From Material Ephemerality to Immaterial Permanency: the disCONNECT Exhibition and the Realms of Interactive Immersiveness PDF

Bill Posters
The Street Art Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hacking the Streets PDF