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Martyn Reed, Editor-in-Chief
Brand New — You’re Retro! Memory and the City (PDF)

Original articles

Stephen Pritchard
More Today Than Yesterday (But Less Than There’ll Be Tomorrow) (PDF)

Andreas Petrossiants
Before and After: The Liveable City (PDF)

Tyson Mitman
Dead Graffiti Writers Never Die, They Just Fade Away: Memorializing and Remembering Graffiti Writers (PDF)

Hendrikje Grunow
Making Memory on the Wall: Constructing and Contesting Collective Memory in Bogotá (PDF)


Jad El Khoury
Burj El Hawa: Tower of Wind (PDF)

Unknown Author
Erasing the Memory of the Revolution on the Streets of Cairo (PDF)

Paul Harfleet
Tourist in the Daylight (PDF)

Oliver East
ill Architecture (PDF)

Riitta Oittinen
Traces from the Past: Ghost Buildings in Brussels (PDF)

Megan Hicks
Wall Story: An Eleven-year Visual Record of a Street Art Site in Sydney (PDF)

Jonathan Levin
Roman Graffiti: A Study of Deterioration and Stratification on Subway Trains (1992–2019) (PDF)


Evan Pricco
Juxtapoz Magazine: 25 years of Art & Culture (PDF)

Robert Kaltenhäuser & Thomas Lauterberg
Texts Lost in Time: Boulevard Magazine (PDF)

Andrea Baldini, Enrico Bonadio, Sabina Andron & Susan Hansen
A Philosophy Guide to Street Art and the Law (PDF)