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Martyn Reed, Editor-in-Chief & Susan Hansen, Editor
Forging Renewed Connections through Unsanctioned Urban Art PDF

Original articles

Megan Hicks
This New Chalk Era: Pavement Graffiti in Australia, 1930-1934 PDF

Elisa Bailey
The Space in Between the Poetics of Process of Oleg Kuznetsov PDF

Enrico Bonadio & Olivia Jean-Baptiste
Can Copyright Stop Politicians from Exploiting Street Art? Combo v Jean-Luc Mélenchon before the Court of Paris PDF


Adrian Burnham
Reframing Detritus: Franck Allais’ Photography of Everyday Objects Discarded on the Streets PDF

Alexandros Simopoulos
Sache Que Je T’Aime: A Tag Turned Mural PDF

Agnes Michalczyk
Crossing the Walls in Cairo: The Augmented Murals of Al Khalifa PDF


Jeff Ferrell
Last Picture PDF

Lachlan MacDowall
Off the Grid: Curating Flash Forward PDF

Jan Vormann & Brad Downey
Between Particles and Waves: Street-Art Heavyweights Exhibiting in the Virtual World of Minecraft PDF

Ian Strange & Trevor Powers
Dalison: A Visual-Sonic Collaboration PDF

Aida Wilde & Dan Vo
Dreamboat II: Money Talks PDF

Myrto Tsilimpounidi, Anna Carastathis, Julia Tulke, Oksana Zaporozhets, Susan Hansen, Paridhi Gupta, Piyarat Panlee, Sarah H. Awad & Konstantinos Avramidis
Graffiti & Street Art: Queer Feminist Approaches PDF