Nuart Journal publishes provocative and critical writings on a range of topics relating to street art practice and urban art cultures.

Nuart Journal is a forum for critical discourse and commentary on urban art, defined as broadly as possible to include all aspects of both independently sanctioned and unsanctioned art in public space that does not fall under the general rubric of traditional public art practice. Relevant topics of discussion include – but are not limited to – practical and theoretical explorations of graffiti, post-graffiti, muralism, street art, post-street art, and activism.

Nuart Journal brings together diverse perspectives and includes traditional peer-reviewed academic papers as well as more experimental modes of research. It is a site for scholars as well as artists, curators and independent researchers to publish articles, conversations, reviews, projects, and opinion pieces on street art and related topics.

The journal is built on the foundations of five years of content from the annual Nuart Plus symposium, based in Stavanger Norway, the world’s first annual symposium dedicated to street art practice. The critically renowned Nuart festival is widely considered the world’s leading celebration of street art. Nuart has long been a place for catalysing important debates around street art and for challenging entrenched notions of what art is. The journal strives to bring these conversations to a wider audience.

Nuart does not adhere strictly to disciplinary boundaries and will consider relevant contributions from within any discipline. We welcome submissions from a broad range of authors including cultural heritage workers, historians, critics, cultural and human geographers, political theorists, anthropologists, ethnographers, sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, curators, artists, writers, taggers, anarchists, and out and out vandals.

Please consult the Instructions for Authors if you are interested in publishing work with Nuart Journal.