Issue II: Eloquent Vandals

Deadline January 7 2019

Following the successful international launch of Nuart Journal, we are now calling for submissions for Issue II.

The theme of Issue II — ELOQUENT VANDALS — is a provocative link to street art and urban culture’s delinquent roots and the “creative joy of destruction” – evidenced most recently in Banksy and Blu’s high profile acts of auto-iconoclasm, but also present in a plethora of quotidian, human scale, unsanctioned urban interventions. The rise of festival-sponsored neo-liberal muralism sits uneasily with these ungovernable forms of urban creativity. This special issue calls for contributions that celebrate the work of street art’s eloquent vandals, and papers that critically examine attempts to cultivate, instrumentalise, commodify and ‘protect’ the art of the streets.

We welcome submissions from a broad range of authors including cultural heritage workers, historians, critics, cultural and human geographers, political theorists, anthropologists, ethnographers, sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, curators, artists, writers, taggers, anarchists, and out and out vandals.

Nuart Journal is a peer-reviewed open access journal. It presents the work of an international network of artists, curators, academics, independent researchers and industry professionals on street art and related topics. It is built on the foundations of five years of content from the annual Nuart Plus symposium, based in Stavanger Norway, the world’s first annual symposium dedicated to street art practice.

Nuart Journal aims to serve as a forum for critical discourse and commentary on urban art cultures and street art practice, defined as broadly as possible to include all aspects of both independently sanctioned and unsanctioned art in public space that does not fall under the general rubric of traditional public art practice.

Though the journal is intended as a scholarly journal for new and experimental modes of research as well as traditional academic papers, it is also a site for artists, curators and independent researchers to publish articles, conversations, projects and opinion pieces. We welcome visual submissions and high quality images/photography. All submissions are peer reviewed.

The journal is overseen by a small group of international co-editors assisted by an international advisory board that reflects the diversity of street art practice.

Submission Guidelines

Full papers should be 5000-8000 words, inclusive of citations and bibliography.

Shorter submissions, including research notes, photo essays and other visual submissions, book reviews, interviews, and opinion pieces are also welcome. Please contact the editorial team if you wish to discuss an alternative or experimental mode of submission.

Papers should follow Harvard referencing guidelines.